Clamper Creed

As I pass through this life, may I always be humble, my I never take myself serious-"a stuffed shirt", may I always appreciate a little bit of the "rediculous", may I always be a two-fisted Clamper when the bottle passes my way, and if I imbibe and can't hold it like a man, may I always be able to "Pass it to the next Brother", May I never forget the stout-hearted men who settled a great Western wilderness, and the heritage we have today; may I never fail to appreciate a bit of Western lore.


"​Credo Quia Absurdom"


​​​​​E Clampus Vitus Est. Nov.6th 1915

The ancient honorable and mystic order bids fair to become one of the most extensive organizations in the State. Among its members are believed to be very many of our most distinguished and honorable citizens, legislators, men of all professions, laymen and good person in every walk of life. The objects of the Order, so far as we are permitted to outline them to the public, are to harmonize and unite the conflicting interests and prejudices, both social and political, that are so abundant among us, into one common brotherhood. Purpose so benign and noble will surely commend themselves to our good citizens here in Helena, Mt. Though Strictly a secret organization, and therefore somewhat repugnant to the feeling of some of our friends, we bid it God speed and hope that it may spread and flourish.                                                                               -St. Vitus